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Meat Love Blog Nikki Beach Review

Welcome to Ibiza

During May I had the chance to spend a couple days on the Mediterranean island Ibiza (Eivissa). It is well known for its Electronic Music Clubs with international DJs, beach clubs and a vibrant lifestyle. Among lots of other famous beach clubs I decided to spend one day at lifestyle beach club Nikki Beach close to Santa Eularia. I really like this concept of good music, high quality food and an awesome mainly white designed location. And of course their Wagyu Beef Burgers for lunch.

Nikki Beach Ibiza Location View from Daybed

The Menu

Lying down on one of these very comfortable day beds we ordered a good bottle of Rosé vine, which in my opinion was a bit too fruity. But anyway, I am here to tell you about the food. Nikki Beach has a very diverse menu from sushi plates to wraps and sandwiches (click here for the pdf menu). Guess what I ordered? The Wagyu Beef Burgers immediately got my intention, because I read the following: “3 mini Wagyu beef sliders topped with provolone cheese, lettuce and our special house sauce, served with Belgian-cut fries.”

Nikki Beach Ibiza Menu Burgers

The Wagyu Beef Burgers

Beautifully served on a tablet and with the perfect size for eating them by hand, it was the best decision to order as a light meal in the sun. I ordered the beef medium rare and got it in medium rare. Perfect! The beef was very juicy and tender. But if you have ever enjoyed a piece of real Wagyu beef before, you would have asked the waiter what kind of Wagyu this beef was. This is what I did. The manager told me that it’s American Wagyu and not real Wagyu from Japan. Even though American Wagyu is still very good, it is just not the same. It’s the same with cars. If you know how it feels to drive a Ferrari and you get a Porsche, it’s nice, but still not the same 😉

Meat Love Blog Nikki Beach Wagyu Beef Burgers

Nevertheless the American Wagyu Beef burgers were very delicious. Regarding the price of 25 EUR for the whole meal, you cannot expect to get real Wagyu.

Meat Love Blog Nikki Beach Wagyu Beef Burgers

Awesome Dip

But what really surprised me in a positive manner? The dip. Normally I am not a big friend of using dip with meat as it covers the original taste of meat. But this dip was excellent and perfectly matched to the beef. The manager told me that it is a Nikki Beach signature dip on a Chimichurri base with a secret recipe. Unfortunately they would not tell me the recipe. 🙁

Meat Love Blog Nikki Beach Wagyu Beef Burgers

All in all, spending a day at Nikki Beach is a great experience. As it was in May and pre-season, the club was not packed and the atmosphere was very chilled with decent electronic music and a live saxophone player. In peak season from June to August there will be much more going on at Nikki Beach.

Meat Love Blog Nikki Beach Wagyu Beef Burgers

The only thing I do not like about Nikki Beach and most other beach clubs. Their prices for drinks are not very transparent. They follow the motto “If you ask for the price, you cannot afford it.” This might seem cool for all the “nouveau riche” or family rich guys, but not for us who work hard every day and still know the value of money and therefore spend it responsibly.


Location: Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza, Spain
Phone: +34 971 33 84 03


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