Your Guide to the Perfect Steak

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“How can I make the perfect steak?”

A lot of people always ask: “How can I make the perfect steak?” This is a pretty tough question as it cannot be answered within a few words and is a more complex question than you think. When trying to make the perfect steak there are a lot of variables that have a strong impact on the outcome. And furthermore, we need to first make clear what the perfect steak is. So here is our guide to the perfect steak.

To answer the question on the perfect steak we first need to break down the whole process to three single steps that have the strongest impact on how good a steak will taste. These are:

  • The Quality
  • The Cut
  • The Cook

These three variables determine the final result the most. Therefore it is mandatory to dive deeper into every part to understand its impact and how to choose the perfect mix to prepare the perfect steak.

The Quality

Before starting in the kitchen or at the grill you have to put an eye on the quality of the meat. It is easy to make a prime beef taste bad, but it is very hard to make select beef taste awesome. Therefore you should first of all think about the quality of the meat you buy. Out tip: Go for the prime beef!

The Cut

Deciding on the beef cut is much tougher decision than on the quality. Everybody has a different taste and preference. Therefore it is hard to recommend you the perfect cut. But as this is our blog and we like tender beef, we would go for the short loin as this is the most tender cut of the beef. But that does not mean that other parts like the rib or the flank cannot be taken into consideration when making the perfect steak. If you want to read more about beef cuts, check out this blog article.

The Cook

The third important variable in our guide to the perfect steak is the cook! It means how long you put in on the grill and how tender it will be in the end. Some people just eat beef well done, but we can just discourage you from doing so. Even medium well would take to much aroma and tender from the steak and it make not become the perfect one. Therefore we recommend to either cook it medium or medium well to make the perfect steak.

If you are a fan of a more visual explanation or a sheet to print it out, please find your guide to the perfect steak in following graph.

Try to make your perfect steak and let us know how it worked out.

your guide to the perfect steak

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