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The Butcher's Guide Cuts of Beef

Describing the different beef cuts is not as easy as you might think. As all of us have probably heard of filet, rib, flank, roastbeef etc. But do you know where exactly it comes from? And if this is the American, British or Argentinian cut you are talking about? Probably not. Therefore I would like to give you a short overview on the different cuts and will further explain the differences between the pieces of a beef.

The most common beef cut people take into consideration when talking about pieces is the American cut. Just to be precise, the cut has nothing to do with the origin of the beef, whether it is an American, Wagyu or Irish Angus beef. It just describes a way of defining the pieces of a beef.

Besides the American beef cut, a lot of other kitchens have their own names for beef pieces and sometimes it means something completely different than in the American cut. So my advice: Always ask the waiter or salesperson for the exact translation into American cut to be sure you really get what you want unless you are familiar with the respective language and cuts to make sure you get exactly that piece of beef you are looking for.

The other most common beef cuts are:

  • Argentinian cut
  • Brazilian cut
  • Dutch cut
  • French cut
  • Portuguese cut
  • Turkish cut
  • UK cut

To make you a better man and a more accurate connoisseur of beef, I have following chart for you. This one shows all different pieces of a beef and the kind of steak you get from there. 

American beef cuts


Find another great beef chart right here!

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