Welcome to the Meat Love Blog

This is me

Dear friends of good meat,

Welcome to the Meat Love Blog! If you made it until here, your are probably as crazy as me for a decent piece of meat. You are vegetarian oder even vegan you can now take the chance to think about your eating habits 😉

Why writing a blog called Meat Love Blog? This is pretty easy to answer. By the way, it has nothing to do with the famous singer meat loaf 😉 All I wanna do is to share my meat experiences from restaurants and my acquired knowledge about grilling and cooking meat with you. As I am based in Munich I will primarily hunt for meat in this beautiful city. But time by time business trips and private holidays take me to great places around the world where I will always experience delicious meat.

But experiences and knowledge is not all you get on meatloveblog.com. As I am constantly looking for great kitchen and grilling tools, interesting books and everything else that is cool and fits in this blog I will soon set up a small store where you can directly buy my recommendations. And much more is about to come. Stay tuned!

Of course I do not claim to have the perfect taste or to know it all. Therefore I am looking forward to your feedback, discussions and recommendations about our favorite topic. MEAT :-)

If you like to get in touch with me, just drop me an email to philipp@meatloveblog.com

Beefy greetz,


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